And... we're back. I had blood work done today, and my platelets have returned to their previous sub-100 levels. They're at 55, to be exact, significantly lower than the 70-90 range I had been seeing for the last few years. The most likely cause for the sharp drop is my cyclosporine taper. I had been on 75mg/day this month in the form of three 25mg softgels (before I started tapering last year, I was taking twelve 25mg softgels per day). In light of the platelet tumble, Dr. DiPersio bumped me back up to 100mg/day. I'll stay there until further notice, putting my taper on hold. I can't say I'm too surprised. I was expecting to have some drops before we got through the whole taper. Hopefully it's something I can pull back up without another hospital stay.

My full CBC:

Click for a larger image.

Speaking of Dr. DiPersio, I moved cross-country again.

In January we packed up our things, said goodbye to the great state of Oregon, and moved into a house in Saint Louis, Missouri. The first phone calls I made were to the STL oncologists I had been seeing when I lived in Saint Louis the first time, and both doctors had room to take me on again. Dr. Mary Klix of Comprehensive Cancer Care is now my primary oncologist, and I'm also seeing Dr. John DiPersio (and Dr. Meagan Jacoby) of Siteman Cancer Center. The reason behind seeing multiple doctors is that Dr. Klix is not a transplanter, and were I to need a BMT it would be performed by Dr. DiPersio and his team.

In other news, I started a Twitter account for this blog. You can follow me via @Aplastica. I don't know that I'll be tweeting too frequently, but I will tweet a link to every new blog post I put up. So it will be another way to subscribe to the blog, if RSS isn't your thing.