Haven't updated the blog in a while... I'm still here. I still have AA, of course, and I still gulp down cyclosporine pills day and night. Well, most nights anyway. I will admit that I occasionally fall asleep before taking my nightly dose. It's something I've been meaning to work on.

This past week I had an episode at work where I suddenly lost most vision in my left eye. It wasn't unlike when you stare into the sun, and you get those tracer things in your eye that make it hard to see for a minute? It was like that but worse, and it stuck around for about 40 minutes. I had zero peripheral vision out of that eye during that time too. I was holding up my hands on either side of my face to see if I could tell how many fingers I was holding up and on the left side I couldn't tell if the hand was even up or not. Then it went away, as quickly as it came. A few hours later my left hand started to get a little tingly, like it had fallen asleep, but that went away pretty quickly too.

The whole vision-loss experience reminded me of Summer 2005, when I lost vision in one eye before I went into the hospital for my Aplastic Anemia diagnosis. And that's a little scary. I know that my recent episode probably means that I didn't eat enough that day, and my blood counts (which tend to fluctuate) were probably on a low swing, but it's just not a good omen. I made sure to get to bed early that night, and since then I've felt fine. Luckily, I already have an appointment with my doctor coming up in just a few days, so fingers crossed that I don't have any more crazy issues before then.