Along with the initial blood counts that I went back and added to the 8.14.2005 post, I have charted out the first 13 months of my CBC & Platelet results. At 13 months my hematocrit and hemoglobin were both up to normal ranges, and white cell was just barely under normal.

Platelet was another story; still only being about 50% of normal 13 months into treatment. This value was consistently abnormal, though, and in the 4 years since that point I have remained in the 70-80 range. So the docs theorize that this just might be what's normal for me. I can still have a high quality of life at this level, but I might need to give up the dream of becoming a knife juggler.

Platelets and Hemoglobin are on the left, and White Blood and Hematocrit are on the right. Click on any of them for a larger version.