My PICC line is out!

I went to Dr. Klix today, and towards the end of my visit I asked her what kind of timeline I could expect for removing my PICC. I said that I knew I couldn't get it out yet, as I will still getting blood work done every week or so. She told me that it was really more for getting whole blood or platelet transfusions - and when was the last time I had a transfusion? A quick chart lookup confirmed that it was about three months prior. She asked me, want to get it out now? Of course I immediately agreed, and about 10 minutes later one of her nurses pulled it right out of my arm.

The only (minor) downside to this is that I now have to get stuck every time they draw blood - but to me that is a small price to pay for the freedom to shower with both arms, the ability to workout, and simply not having a plastic tube and three inch square sticker coming out of my forearm. If I go back into the hospital for a transplant, I would need to get another line put in. But the procedure to put one in is something I can deal with, especially considering that the transplant is something I'm still hoping that I won't have to go through.